Top 10 renewable energy companies in the UK

Want to help make energy simpler and greener? So do we. Discover our top 10 renewable energy companies in the UK.

The UK government recently published its Energy Security Strategy which will accelerate growth in homegrown energy and create over 40,000 new jobs.

That's a total of 480,000 jobs by the end of 2030.

There’s never been a better time to join the charge and go green.  

Here are our top 10 renewable energy companies in the UK...


Zeigo is a climate-tech platform enabling businesses to quickly, easily and cost-effectively source impactful energy. Since 2019, Zeigo has reduced the complexities surrounding renewable energy procurement as well as democratising access to truly renewable energy by making the process of connecting generators with large companies more efficient, more digital, and accessible.

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Juan Pablo Cerda

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Octopus Energy  

Octopus Energy is doing energy better — for you and for the environment. The energy industry in Britain is ruled by a handful of complacent dinosaurs peddling fossil fuels, pricing trickery and poor customer service. In 2016, Octopus entered the market to disrupt the status quo with energy that's good for the planet, good for your wallet, and, honestly, good for your soul.

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Greg Jackson

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Piclo is on a mission to enable flexible energy systems. As our energy systems become cleaner, more distributed and diversified in response to the climate crisis, our grids come under more stress and face challenges in maintaining the delicate balance of supply and demand. Piclo’s marketplace enables technologies such as renewables, batteries and electric vehicles to provide local flexibility to our distribution networks, smoothing out the complex transition to a decarbonised future and delivering low-cost and resilient grids.

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: James Johnson & Alice Tyler  

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Optimised brings together a complete suite of services to manage commercial businesses' energy needs more efficiently by driving down costs, reducing carbon and implementing a carbon reduction strategy. The three divisions have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge in their respective areas, and use a combination of best-of-breed technology, expertise and a process-driven approach to achieve significant savings for their clients.

Location: Blackpool, UK

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So Energy    

Since 2015, So Energy has been supplying great value 100% renewable electricity and gas to homes in the UK. So Energy was created because the team know there’s never a good reason to have a bad experience with your energy supplier. Their tariffs are simple and sensibly priced, plus their electricity is 100% renewable (and their customer service is second to none).

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Simon Oscroft & Charlie Davies

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A woman holding a phone, inviting her friends to join So Energy


All Ecotricity’s electricity is certified green, and also certified vegan. Their gas is a mix of carbon-neutralised natural gas and sustainable green gas. What makes them different is that they have no shareholders. So, instead of paying dividends they invest your bills in building new forms of green energy. And, you can be absolutely certain that the energy we supply will not be greenwashed.

Location: Gloucestershire, UK  

Founded by: Dale Vince

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OVO Energy  

At OVO, you get 100% renewable electricity as standard and access to their carbon-kicking green tech. They’ll also plant a tree in your name every year with the help of their friends at the Woodland Trust. This means that just by joining them you’ll be restoring nature and cutting carbon – about 792kg of it a year!

Location: Bristol, UK  

Founded by: Stephen Fitzpatrick

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Pavegen’s solutions are inspiring brands all over the world to create a meaningful and lasting connection with stakeholders around sustainability and ESG practices. Their award-winning technology uniquely uses the renewable energy generated by a footstep, with the excitement of highly engaging experiences, to educate and inspire stakeholders.

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Laurence Kemball-Cook

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Ripple enables consumers around the world to part own large scale wind farms and solar parks and have clean, low cost electricity they produce supplied to their homes. Their utility partners supply the electricity from the wind farms and solar parks to their owners’ homes via the grid. Ripple puts the power to act on climate change in people’s hands and enables them to create the clean energy future they want to see.

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Sarah Merrick

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Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK is the UK's only domestic supplier of 100% green gas. Unlike other suppliers, they do not carbon offset any of their gas...because it is already completely green. No gimmicks, no carbon offsetting. Just 100% green energy for people who genuinely care about our environment.

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

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