Top 10 organisations fighting climate change

It’s getting hot in here, literally. Here are our top 10 organisations fighting the climate crisis in the UK.

It’s getting hot in here. Literally.  

While complaining about the weather is something of a national pastime, people are starting to see the effects of climate change in their own back gardens.

We’ve already seen staggering heatwaves, extreme weather warnings and record-breaking temperatures, with droughts and wildfires potentially on the horizon.

Sir David King, a former chief scientific advisor to the government, warned that these impacts of climate breakdown in the UK were worse and coming sooner than expected.

This has sparked more conversations around what we can do to help combat climate change. We’ve even seen a spike in searches on the Jobs For Good homepage for ‘climate crisis jobs’.  

So, if you’re looking for more ways to make an impact, either as a business or individual, keep scrolling...

Here are our top 10 organisations fighting climate change in the UK


Ecologi's mission is to make climate action simple and impactful for people and businesses to collectively reverse climate change.

They create a positive impact by offsetting individual's and business' carbon production. It's measured through trees planted and tonnes of CO2e reduced.

Their mission is to cut global emissions in half by 2040.  

Location: Bristol

Founded by: Alex Price, Lucy Jack & Elliot Coad

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Climate Policy Radar

The Climate Policy Radar team uses data science and machine learning to map and analyse the global climate policy landscape, supporting evidence-based decision-making.

Their work helps governments, researchers, civil society and the private sector to understand and advance effective climate policies, enhance accountability, deploy climate finance, and promote data democratisation.

They are open data, open source, and not-for-profit.

Location: London

Founded by: Michal Nachmany  

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Rype Office

Rype Office’s mission is to reduce the carbon emissions and cost of offices.  

They supply high quality, low carbon furniture (the biggest source of carbon emissions in a commercial building) and provide consulting services to help create interiors that hit your Net Zero Carbon targets.

Their commitment is to halve their GHG emissions before 2030, achieve net zero emissions before 2050 and disclose their progress on a yearly basis.

Location: London

Founded by: Dr Greg Lavery

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Carbon Trust

Carbon Trust provide solutions to the climate crisis. They support organisations globally as they accelerate towards Net Zero.

From target setting, Net Zero pathways, assurance and footprinting, to policy advice, strategy setting and programme delivery, they seek smarter ways to turn intent into impact, where sustainability and economic realities go hand in hand.

From launching the world’s first carbon footprint label to establishing a flagship Offshore Wind Accelerator programme, they have been pioneering decarbonisation for more than 20 years for businesses, governments and organisations around the world.

Location: London

Founded by: Tom Delay CBE

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People Powered Retrofit

People Powered Retrofit is a not-for-profit service for householders in Greater Manchester, offering clear, independent advice and support to help plan, procure and deliver a retrofit project to a high standard.

The UK desperately needs to both decarbonise housing stock and improve energy efficiency measures - according to research produced by the Green Alliance at least '15 million homes will need to be retrofitted by 2030 and, to meet 2050 carbon targets, the same homes would need to have further measures installed again after 2030'.

Location: Manchester

Founded by: Jonathan Atkinson

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Cool Earth

Cool Earth backs people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

They raise and give cash directly, and partner with indigenous people and local communities on projects that tackle the root causes of deforestation.

They have over 105 MILLION trees in their partnerships, storing 48 MILLION tonnes of carbon that would otherwise be in the atmosphere.  

They’re also one of our 2022 impact partners.  

Location: Cornwall

Founded by: Johan Eliasch & Frank Field

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The ClientEarth team use the power of the law to protect all life on Earth, combining thousands of individual voices into one powerful force for change.

They work in partnership across borders, systems and sectors to change the system – informing, implementing and enforcing the law, advising decision-makers on policy and training legal and judicial professionals.

Location: London

Founded by: James Thornton

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44.01 turn CO2 into rock using the natural power of mineralisation.

Natural mineralisation in peridotite happens when CO2 reacts with peridotite rock in nature. Their technology speeds up this natural process by taking captured CO2 and accelerating its reaction with peridotite underground.

They provide a safe and permanent solution to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Location: London

Founded by: Talal Hasan

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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has been campaigning for people and planet since 1971.  

From campaigners and lawyers to local groups and supporters, they push for change on causes that matter to you, like protecting your local area and making it more climate friendly, taking government to court over climate-wrecking projects and fighting for environmental and social justice globally.

They recently took the government to court on their Net Zero Strategy and WON!

Location: London

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Manufacture 2030

Manufacture 2030 provides global corporations with the certainty they need to hit their Scope 3 emissions reduction targets.

They use their unique platform, to measure, manage and improve the performance of each individual site in their manufacturing supply chain.

Since 2008, their team has pioneered new ways to spread sustainable practices across
global supply chains to support their clients’ sustainability ambitions and to cut carbon to prevent climate change.

Location: Oxford

Founded by: Stuart Small

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