Top 10 health and wellbeing organisations in the UK

Want to join a team that creates innovative health and wellbeing solutions? Check out our top 10 to find your perfect fit.

Want to join a team that creates innovative health and wellbeing solutions? Check out our top 10 to find your perfect fit.  

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change in this sector, with investment into healthtech startups reaching record heights in 2021. The UK in particular is a key hub for health and wellness organisations, which means plenty of impactful job opportunities!  

If you want to help more people gain access to high quality healthcare, this could be the impact area for you.

Here are our top 10 health and wellbeing organisations in the UK


Medloop is on a mission to bring tangible benefits to patients by using clinicians empowered by technology to increase access to healthcare for all.

Working across primary care, they want to harness the power of innovation to improve the patient and clinician experience, allowing more flexibility in how services are provided, particularly in under doctored areas, improving clinical outcomes and reducing the digital divide.

Location: London

Founder: Shishir Singhee

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Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women. The Elvie team is committed to building extraordinary products that improve the health and lives of women everywhere and at all stages of life.

These products include their ultra-quiet, wearable electric breast pump, and their award winning Kegel trainer.

Location: London

Founder: Tania Boler

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Thriva Health

Thriva helps you take health into your own hands. Their blood tests give you health insights, actionable support, and GP advice.

Whether you're interested in learning more about your long-term health or how to improve your energy levels, their range of tests can help. That way you can find out what’s happening inside your body from the comfort of your home.

Location: London

Founders:  Eliot Brooks, Tom Livesey & Hamish Grierson

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Babylon Health

Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

Babylon gives you quick, easy access to GPs, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists—right from your device. You can also take control of your wellbeing with digital health tools that are available 24/7.

Location: London

Founder: Ali Parsa

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Cera’s mission is to empower people to live longer, better lives in their own homes. Their team is redefining healthcare by moving more and more services out of hospitals and into people’s own homes.

Their digital-first home healthcare services deliver care, nursing, telehealth and repeat prescriptions. Cera tech has been proven to reduce hospitalisations by 52%!

Location: London  

Founder: Dr. Ben Maruthappu  

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Vinehealth is on a mission to use thoughtful technology to help patients through cancer treatment.

Their team works with oncologists, specialist cancer nurses and patients to provide an app that allows patients to easily report and monitor their symptoms, medications, and activity levels.

Location: London

Founders: Rayna Patel & Georgina Kirby

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HealthHero improves lives by leveraging technology to put medical advice from clinical experts into the hands of millions - no matter where or when they need it.

They provide digital-first healthcare to help businesses better meet the health and wellbeing expectations of their key people segments - from employees to policy holders.

Location: London

Founder: Ranjan Singh

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At Elder, they believe life isn’t about how long you’re here for, it’s about how well it’s lived. It’s about getting the support you need without giving up your dignity.

Elder keeps older people connected to the things that matter most. This leading introductory live-in care agency helps older people get the care they need, in the place, they feel happiest – their own homes.

Location: London  

Founders: Tom Brooks & Peter Dowds

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Healx is a mission-driven technology company pioneering the next generation of drug discovery in order to bring novel, effective treatments to rare disease patients around the world.

By combining frontier AI technology with deep drug discovery and development expertise, Healx can accelerate the pace, increase the scale and improve the chance of success of rare disease treatment

Location: Cambridge

Founder: Tim Guilliams & David Brown

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BenevolentAI is at the forefront of a revolution in drug discovery and development. Their mission is to create a healthier world where no disease goes untreated.

They combine advanced AI and machine learning with cutting edge science to decipher complex disease biology and discover optimum therapeutic interventions.

Location: London

Founder: Ivan Griffin & Michael Brennan

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