Top 10 companies fighting for gender equality

Gender equality remains an urgent global challenge in 2023 and these 10 companies are reshaping our world, working towards a future where gender equality is a reality for all. 

In 2023, not a single country on earth has achieved gender equality.  

In a world where progress is measured by technological advancements and social change, the pursuit of gender equality stands as one of our most significant endeavours.  

In 2019, the gender pay gap for fulltime employees was 15.5% in the UK and 42% of women have reported experiencing gender-based discrimination in the workplace.  

Gender equality isn't just a noble aspiration; it's a fundamental human right and a crucial pillar of a just and sustainable society.  

In this blog, we'll explore the importance of gender equality, its various dimensions, and the top 10 companies that are actively fighting for gender equality.

Why gender equality is important?

Gender equality is a pressing need. It stops violence against women and girls, boosts economic prosperity, and makes societies safer and healthier.  

  • Gender equality means equal opportunities for everyone, which is essential for a better world. It starts with education. Equal pay and education create a safety net. Studies show that infant mortality rates decrease as women's education level increases.
  • Gender equality benefits children. When women can make their own reproductive choices, they can provide better care for their children.  
  • Gender equality benefits men too. It breaks stereotypes, reduces toxic masculinity, and allows men to express themselves freely. Men get parental leave and family time without discrimination.
  • Businesses thrive with gender diversity. Diverse workplaces are more productive, and companies with women in leadership roles perform better. Closing gender pay gaps saves money, reduces poverty, and boosts the economy.

Above all, gender equality it's a fundamental human right.

What are the causes of gender inequality?

Gender inequality stems from deeply ingrained gender bias and societal norms that limit women's rights and opportunities. These factors, along with what people assume men and women are good at, are the main causes of gender inequality.

Some of the causes due to gender inequality includes:  

📚 Uneven access to education - 24% of girls aged 15-19 are not in education, employment, or training worldwide, in contrast to 13% of boys in the same age group.

📉 Lack of employment equality - only 46,9% of women were employed worldwide in 2019, compared to 72% of men.

🏥 Poor medical care - over 1.2 billion women and girls live in places where safe access to abortion is restricted.

📢 Lack of political representation - in just 13 countries, women occupy 50% or more of the top Cabinet Minister positions, responsible for policy areas.

Top 10 companies fighting for equality


Applied, is a recruitment platform driven by behavioural science. They help companies hire better by reducing bias and increasing diversity.  

Unlike traditional systems, they focus on fairness and inclusivity, offering tools such as a gender de-coder for job postings, inclusive job descriptions and anonymous applications. Since its launch in 2015, those who’s gotten a job through Applied are 60% women or non-binary.  

Co-founded by Kate Glazebrook in 2015.  

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Girls Inc.  

Girls Inc. Is one of the most iconic gender equality organisations which started back in 1864 to support girls and young women facing challenges. Over the years, they’ve adapted to the changing needs of girls, always working with schools and communities.  

130 million girls in the world are denied the right to education. Girls Inc. hold the values of creating safe spaces for girls to learn, fostering sisterhood, and empowering each girl to build confidence, grow up strong, educated, and independent.

Founded by Rachel Harrison Johnson in 1864.  

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Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the only digital method of birth control cleared by regulators in the US and Europe. They believe that every woman should know that understanding how their cycle works matters.

Birth control comes with an endless amount of side effects for women, natural birth control like Natural Cycles allows women to oversee their own bodies without heavily impacting their mental and physical health.

Founded by Elina Berglund and Roul Scherwitzl in 2013.  

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Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project

Shanti Bhavan's mission is to empower India's most vulnerable children from the lowest caste through a comprehensive education and care program.  

They’ve positively impacted over 15 thousand lives and currently care for over 280 children. Helping thousands of girls and boys get the right education.  

Founded by Abraham George in 1997.  

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Bumble is a dating app created for women to feel safe. The app has evolved beyond dating into a versatile networking platform for all genders.

57% of women report experiences of harassment in online dating. Bumble champions gender equality by rejecting hate speech and bad behaviour. They minimise sexual harassment on their platform by having a feature that blurs unwanted nude images sent and women can block any matches at any time.  

Founded by Wolfe Heard in 2014.  

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WEConnect International helps women-owned businesses succeed globally by connecting them with buyers.  

They want a world where women have the same chances as men to create thriving businesses in their communities. By connecting buyers with women-owned sellers worldwide it boosts their business skills, and make sure sellers meet the standards buyers expect from women-owned businesses.

Founded by Elizabeth Vazquez and Lihi Raichelson in 2009.  

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Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period is on a mission to support menstrual equity and the rights of all who menstruate. 500 million people around the world lack access to basic menstrual products. They provide essential period products and education to those in need.  

Bloody Good Period is here to break the stigma around periods, ensuring everyone can talk about them openly and without shame.

Founded by Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin in 2016.  

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AllWomen provide a supportive community for women in tech to connect, share insights, and grow together. Founded by women, it offers courses in technology to help more women join the tech sphere, which is a male dominated field.  

AllWomen offer expert-led courses that are designed by industry leaders, ensuring a gain of practical skills and confidence to women in tech.  

Founded by Laura Fernández and Cecilia Tham in 2018.  

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Bide is Bcorp that sells environmentally friendly cleaning products. The brand was built on doing good for the planet and those who inhabit it.  

Bide enthuse at home manufacturing to help minimise the gap of unemployment by allowing people to take part in creating products for their brand. By partnering with charities and organisations focusing on women with convictions, refugees or homeless they help those in need of most support.  

Founded by Amelia Gammon in 2020.

Hear more about Bide on the Founders For Good podcast.

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The Girl’s Network  

The Girl’s Network empower disadvantaged girls by connecting them with women mentors and role models. They believe in breaking gender, ethnicity, background, and income barriers to unlock every girl's potential.  

Partnering with schools in various regions, we match girls aged 14-19 with trained volunteer women mentors, creating a lifelong Ambassador Community.  

Founded by Charly and Becca in 2012.  

Find jobs at The Girl’s Network.  


In conclusion, gender equality remains an urgent global challenge in 2023. This pursuit isn't just noble; it's a fundamental right for a just and sustainable society. The statistics are stark: the gender pay gap and discrimination persist. Gender equality is about creating a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world for all. While the journey continues, these companies are reshaping our world, working towards a future where gender equality is a reality for all.

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