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At Jobs For Good we share policy and advocacy jobs so you can help shake things up from the top down. Start your search today to change your career for good and use your voice to make policy changes that work for people and the planet.

Jobs in Policy & Advocacy

Search through our live roles to find a job in policy and advocacy that’s right for you.
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We partner with a range of organisations, charities and not-for-profits that all need policy makers.
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Policy & Advocacy careers FAQs

How do I get a job in policy and advocacy?

First, do your research. There are lots of policy and advocacy organisations so you need to work out what policy changes you want to help work towards. Once you’ve done some research, start your job search with Jobs For Good! Build your skills while you search. Whether that’s through volunteering or reading up on the latest news, keep gaining experience and insights.

What is a career in policy and advocacy?

Policy and advocacy professionals help design, develop and implement governmental policies and courses of action. If you want to use your voice to make policy changes that work for people and the planet, this could be the career path for you.