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Jobs For Good is the leading job board for ethical finance jobs. If you’re passionate about changing finance’s archaic ways, this is the impact area for you. Start your search today and build a career for good.

Jobs in Ethical Capital / Finance

Use your talent to help more people feel confident about their financial future.
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We partner with a variety of ethical finance accelerators, organisations and startups across the world.
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Ethical Capital / Finance careers FAQs

What degree do I need to work in ethical finance?

You don’t need a specific degree to work in ethical finance. While a background or understanding of finance, investment, and fintech may be beneficial, there are entry-level roles to suit every skill set.

Are jobs in ethical finance well paid?

There are plenty of well-paid job opportunities in ethical finance. Salaries will depend on the role itself, plus your level of experience. You don’t need to take a pay cut to work in ethical capital or finance.